Proud Sponsor of 2017 93X Ultimate XGirl Search!

We a very happy to be co-sponsors of the 93X Ultimate XGirl Search. In honor of this, on Saturday, November 26th, 2016, we will be hosting our first Annual Black Coffin Saturday. For $93, treat yourself to a gift after all of your Black Friday shopping. We will have many designs available for your choosing, all inspired and themed around 93X, the music they play, and their fans. If you don’t see something you like, just ask as we have many more design sheets lying around. Check us out on FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER in the upcoming weeks for a sneak peek at some of the designs!
Show up early, and stay late, because rumor has it Pablo and some of the XGirl Contestants will be here with some free tickets to see HELL YEAH and IN FLAMES on December 3rd. IF the line is too long, you can always prepay and set up a time that works best!

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