What are your hours?

Sunday 12 – 5 P.M.
Monday – Saturday 12 – 8 P.M.

How should I take care of my new tattoo?

First and foremost, refer to what your artist has instructed you to do. There are often different types of aftercare that are instructed for different types and locations of tattoos, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact your artist directly.

  • Leave the bandage on for at least 5 hours, and possibly overnight. If you take off the bandage to show someone your new tattoo, you can trap bacteria inside, so it is best to just leave it on.
  • Do not re-bandage
  • When the bandage comes off, rinse off your tattoo with water and clean it with a mild, unscented soap.
  • If your tattoo appears “shiny” in a few places, rewash and gently rub those spots, and repeat if necessary.
  • Dab or pat  the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.  No scrubbing.
  • Once the tattoo is dry, apply a small, thin amount of lotion (Aquaphor, Lubriderm, or H2Ocean) and rub it in well.  Remove any excess lotion.
  • Repeat this up to 3 times a day, for the first few days.
  • Once the tattoo starts to flake (similar to a sunburn), DO NOT pick at them or itch them.  They will come off over the next few days.
  • Once the tattoo starts to flake, apply Lubriderm once a day.
  • DO NOT submerge your tattoo in any body of water (Bathtub, Lake, Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna) until it is fully healed.

It is normal for your tattoo to be irritated, red, or even swollen for the first few days.  However, if you experience irritation, redness, or swelling for a prolonged period, or green or yellow discharge, or excessive heat radiating from your tattoo, contact us and/or a physician as this may be a sign of infection.

How much will my new tattoo cost?

That depends on a few things.  Some artists may charge more, or less, than another artist.  Generally speaking, the cost of a tattoo is determined by size, location, and the amount of time a tattoo will take.  The shop minimum is $60 for small tattoos, and larger, multiple session tattoos can range between $100 and $150 per hour.

How do I contact an artist to set up an appointment?

You can swing on in, contact them directly via their email, or call the studio at 651-641-4099

Often times, your artist may want to set up a consultation time prior to the tattoo.  While it is better to do this in person, it can sometimes be done via email.

Do you take walk-ins?

Absolutely!  Walk-ins are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Do you offer piercings?

No, we do not.  We focus on tattooing only.

The day of my appointment, what should I bring?

 Arrive on time, or early, and be sure to bring your ID.

The State of Minnesota requires one of the following forms of ID:

  • A valid driver’s license containing a picture, and date of birth, issued by any state or United States Territory.
  • A state issued ID
  • Military identification card
  • Valid Passport

A student ID is NOT a valid form of Identification, sorry.

Any advice on pain management?

For any tattoo, especially the longer sessions, pain management can be a very important factor in the outcome of the tattoo.  We recommend being well rested, and coming in on a full stomach. Take care of your body and mind, and it will aid you in the tattoo process.

If you are able to take Ibuprofen prior to your appointment, you may do so.

Bring some hard candy (i.e. Jolly Ranchers), it can be a helpful tool in pain management.

Pain medication, alcohol, and other drugs can have an adverse effect on pain management, so avoid them before your tattoo.

Where can I park?

There is metered parking (M-S 9-5pm) on the front side of the building, while on the side and rear, there is free parking.  There are also two separate lots for our customers located just across the street.

Where are you located?

2480 University Avenue W., Saint Paul, MN  55114

We are centrally located right between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, on University Avenue and HWY 280, about a mile and a half West of the U of M TCF Bank Stadium. Located on the Green Line LRT, right in between the Westgate Station and Raymond Ave. Station.